About Us

Retailtoolbox.com.au has been specifically designed to help the small to medium sized retailer get the most out of their business.

Retailtoolbox is just that; a box full of tools, resources and expert advice covering a broad range of business disciplines including product & merchandising, finance, visual merchandising, marketing and operations. Each aimed at giving practical, self help solutions to save you time and let’s face it make you money.

The principals of Retailtoolbox Pty Ltd are Catriona Woodgate and Ian Whelan, each with over 30 years’ experience in retail. Our philosophy is that if you cannot find the information on our site, we will find it for you amongst our expert retailers..

Retailtoolbox.com.au is the business partner you go to before you start spending the big bucks on specialist help.


Principals Areas of Experience
Catriona Woodgate Visual Merchandising, Project Management.
VM Strategy & Concepts, Store Refurbishments – +30 years retail.
Ian David Whelan Product & Merchandising, Marketing and Operations.
Small Business Consulting – 37 years retail.


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