Tools and Calculators

Retailtoolbox Tools & Calculators will save you time and money while teaching you relevant business processes, jargon and formulae.

A range of pre-formatted spreadsheets and calculators designed to give you the right information to better manage your business; often only found by hiring specialists and consultants.

A variety of pre-formatted and formulae-loaded spreadsheets are available to download covering areas such as product & merchandising, marketing and finance.

Online specialist calculators are also ready to calculate important indicators such as Gross Profit & Margin, GMROI & Stock Turn, Cash Flow and more. Some simple, some more complex, all designed to make managing your business easier.

Retailtoolbox is happy to add relevant tools and calculators for your business. If you have a suggestion please contact us through our Retail Conversations blog.

  • Retail Dictionary
    Do you need to check what something means? It is always handy to understand the specialist business jargon whether talking to your accountant, bank manager or other specialists. Retailtoolbox Retail Dictionary lists the meanings of most commonly used words in retail.
  • Download DIY Tools
    Would you like to be more organised? Retailtoolbox understands your need to do things quickly and effectively. Our Downloadable DIY Tools are designed to save you time and money by delivering standard preformatted tools ready to populate with your data. All tools come with step by step instructions and or detailed explanations.
  • Online Calculators
    Do you want an easy way to check how well you’re doing? Want to make a business decision quickly and at the same time double check your logic is right. Simply go to Retailtoolbox Online Calculators and choose the relevant calculator. Plug in your figures and the calculator will instantly give you the answer.
  • Retail Formulae
    Do you need to have an answer quickly?

    Ever wanted to know how to work out a gross margin, GMROI or other retail KPI? Retailtoolbox Retail Formulae lists all the popular retail formula, their definitions and in some cases a simple calculator to plug in your own figures. This is a great way to check if you have the formula right in your own spreadsheet.