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Would you like to be more organised? Retailtoolbox understands your need to do things quickly and effectively. Our Downloadable DIY Tools are designed to save you time and money by delivering standard preformatted tools ready to populate with your data. All tools come with step by step instructions and or detailed explanations.

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  • Sales Forecasting Tools image
    Sales Forecasting Tools

    Retailtoolbox Sales Forcasting Tools will help you analyse your sales history and forecast sales saving you money through improved planning. Pre-formatted and pre-formulated they are simple and ready to use.  There is a sales forecasting tool to suit your business. Choose from financial year by month, calendar year by month.

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  • Promotional Calendars image
    Promotional Calendars

     The Retailtoolbox Promotional Calendar is a great planning tool to help you plan your marketing programme. The calendar is simply a formatted excel spreadsheet that enables you to bring together those elements required for a successful implementation in a timely manner.

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  • Cash Flow Calculators image
    Cash Flow Calculators

    Retailtoolbox Cash Flow calculators are designed to aid you in establishing a positive cash flow for your business. Pre-formatted and preformulated they are ready for your input. Simple and easy to use they could save your business.

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