Online Calculators

Do you want an easy way to check how well you’re doing? Want to make a business decision quickly and at the same time double check your logic is right. Simply go to Retailtoolbox Online Calculators and choose the relevant calculator. Plug in your figures and the calculator will instantly give you the answer.

  • GMROI and Stockturn Calculator image
    GMROI and Stockturn Calculator

    Which product gives me the best return on investment?

    The GMROI (gross margin return on investment) and stock-turn calculator allows you to compare your products performance. It takes into account both margin and inventory investment and will show you which product is giving you the best return for your money.

  • Basic GST Calculator image
    Basic GST Calculator

    Want to quickly add or subtract GST?  

    The goods and services tax (GST) in Australia stands at 10%. When offering goods for sale the price must include GST. The basic GST caclulators will either add or remove GST.


  • Find Sell Price image
    Find Sell Price

    Need to work out how much to to sell a product for?

    This basic calculator will work out your final sell price based on the cost and your required percentage mark up. The calculator will show sell price before and after GST. GST and show you your gross profit and gross margin percentage. 

  • Pricing & Margin Calculator image
    Pricing & Margin Calculator

    Need to know your profit after discounting?

    The pricing and margin calculator will show you the gross profit before and after discounting. It is a great tool for testing discount levels and profitability.