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The Benefits of Membership

Ask an Expert

Ask questions of our expert panel on specific issues relating to you business. This service is a non-face to face consultation by email relating to one area of your business. A “value for money” service for those who need specialist advice.

Retail Inspiration Library

Be inspired by our reference library of store and visual merchandising images from local and overseas retailers with commentary from our store presentation and design experts. Members have exclusive access to this valuable source of ideas and each image is a great learning tool for what to do in your own business.

How to Guides

Retailtoolbox “How to Guides” are DIY practical, step by step guides and articles covering major aspects of running any business. They will not only teach you how to do it but point out the pitfalls and shortcuts learned from years of business experience. Subjects covered include purchasing and inventory, visual merchandising, cash flow and financial management, marketing, operations and business planning.

Retailing Blog

Retail Conversations Blog gives you an opportunity to communicate with other retailers facing similar problems and opportunities as you do. Feel free to ask questions, comment on or make observations on retailing within the Retailtoolbox community.

Basic Calculators

Retailtoolbox Online Calculators allow you to input your own data and provide you with the answers you need quickly and at the same time ensure you gain the understanding needed to make the best possible decision. Our calculators or more than just numbers as they have step by step instructions on how and explanations on why.

Downloadable Products

A range of DIY tools designed to save you time and money. Preformatted and fixed formula spreadsheets covering areas such as product, inventory, cash flow, finance, promotional plans and more, ready to use.

Retail Dictionary

Understand specialist retail and business terms and their meanings through the Retailtoolbox Retail Dictionary. The Retail Dictionary lists the meaning of most of the commonly used words in retail.

Retail Formulaes

Ever wanted to know how to work out a gross margin, GMROI or other retail KPI? Retailtoolbox Retail Formula lists all the popular retail formula, their definitions and in some cases a simple calculator to plug in your own figures.

A to Z of Visual Merchandising

The A to Z of Visual Merchandising is a virtual Visual Merchandising Manual where you can find information on any subject related to Visual Merchandising. New listings and information are regularly added to the A to Z of Visual Merchandising to keep the information fresh and interesting.